2010 KBA RA 106 Six Color Plus Coater CX ALV2

Holland Graphic Equipment USA
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Product Description

Only 29 million Impressions

KBA RA 106 Six Color Plus Coater  CX ALV2

This is a Hybrid Press capable of running either standard Aqueous coated jobs as well as UV coated jobs! Making it very flexible.

Coating Unit: Harris & Bruno Combi Circular for Aqueous & Hybrid UV COATING  

Combination Rollers Boettcher Chameleon V , Printing Units Prepped for UV printing 

Washing Systems -Dual Wash up System for switching between two Solvents UV and standard.

Blanket Ink Roller and Impression Washer - impact Cooling System

Cooling System: Single Zone Technotrans Combi Cooling Unit with external condenser

Tower Coater - Harris & Bruno Anilox Chamber 


Delivery System: Vari Dry UV Docking Port, VariDry Cabinet for Exchanging UV Interdecks VariDry Impression Cylinder Cooling, Vari Dry UV End of the press- 8" Long Delivery Extension (3 Lamps & IR /HA ) VariDry UV Interdek

Additional Special Press Features:Light weight Paper Package - from 40 #board Version, Ink Agitators for use with Hybrid UV Inks- all print Units Package for Plastic Printing and Foils , Densi-tronic Professional - Closed Loop XfY Spectrophotometry System Auto Register via CCD Video Camera LogoTronic (CIP3 CTP)

Asking Price $1,600,000

Note: New this press sold for $3,900,000. as per reviewed invoice.  

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