RARE : 2010 Muller Amigo PUR Glue Perfect Binder

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Product Description

2010 Muller Martini Amigo PUR Glue Perfect Binder

Speed 500- 1500 Books per Hour

10.5 Color Touch Screen -also stores job specs, very user friendly almost anyone can now bind books. This is uses the best glue to hold books together using coated paper , uncoated paper or digital type of paper the integrity of the book remains strong. pages will not fall out with this PUR Glue system on this binder.

Nordson Versa Pail-  PUR GLUE SYSTEM 

Special dual book spine prep for added strength.

Like a New Machine -only 200 hours on machine approx.

 Now pick it up for a fraction of the new price 

New from Muller Martini this binder sold for approx$220,000 just 7 years ago.

Book specifications:

Max Book Spine Length 15 3/4"  or  Minimum of 4 3/4" 

Max Book width: 105/8" down to 3 3/4" width

Max Book spine thickness 1 9/16"  or Minimum or 1/8 inch thick spine thickness.

 Cover feeder: Max Flat Cover Size in feeder is 22 3/4. Minimum Cover flat cover feeder size is 7 5/8. Note fold the flat size in half and that is the largest or smallest cover size sheet it will feed. However you can always trim down to size finished book for final trim size.

Runs very well, much more productive than a one clamp system this machine actually has four clamp merry-go-round type system. So the feeder does not have to wait for the machine like they would with one clamp machines.

Can be seen running.

Note: When New this machine sold for $220,000 7 years ago!   

We can offer lease to own financing for this machine.

We can handle the dismantling and will ship to you if requested.

Please call Jeff with any questions on this great machine.


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