KLUGE EHE 14 x 22 Foil Stamper Diecutter

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Product Description

KLUGE EHE 14 x 22 Foil Stamper Diecutter

Foil Stamper, Die Cutter, Embossing Press

 Safety guards 

Auto Swing away Feeder
Rated Speed 3300 SPH
Three Draw Pull -triple foil pull
Good Running Condition



Bijor Electric Auto Pump Oil System 

Air Brake 

KLUGE 14" X 22"


The Kluge EHE Series Foil Stamping, Embossing, and Die Cutting Press offers the greatest impressional strength of any press its size and is the economical way to extend the capabilities of your finishing operations. With 20% more impressionable strength than the industry leading Kluge EHD Series Presses, the EHE offers you the ability to maximize your use of large, multi-level deep dies. In items of electronics, and user-friendliness, the Kluge EHE is unsurpassed: 

Pneumatic throw-off system detects paper misfeeds and automatically moves the press to its non-impression position, minimizing downtime, material waste, and damaged dies. Central control console allows the operator to monitor and adjust the tachometer, hot plate controls, impression and pump switches, motor driven speed control, impression counter and missed sheet detector. Micrometer adjustable bottom gauge band allows for accurate adjustment to the sheet registration.

Like the EHD, the Kluge EHE Series Press has design features for improved production: 
• Straight -in/straight-out feeding motion 
• Open bottom magazine 
• Swing away magazine and feeder arm 
• Three-draw foil pull system 
• Ability to foil stamp, emboss, and die cut anywhere within the platen area 
• Dual zone hot plate with independent controls 

• Air blast foil release system Kluge — the next generation of print and print finishing equipment.

Operating Speed: 3,500 iph
Maximum Sheet Size: 15” x 24-3/4” (381 mm x 629)
Minimum Sheet Size: 3” x 3” (76 mm x 76 mm) 
Magazine Capacity: 14” (356 mm)
Delivery Capacity: 14” (356 mm)
Stock Range: Onion skin to .200” board
Air: 90 psi @ 5 cfm

• Hard and paperback book covers
• Packaging
• Pocket folders
• Greeting cards
• Annual report covers and corporate literature
• Labels
• Die cutting and kiss cutting
• Magnetic base die cutting
• Security printing
• Holograms

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