Man Roland R 305 Five color 23 x 29 Inch Sheet

Holland Graphic Equipment USA
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Product Description

Man Roland Five Color Press - R 305 Series 317 Model R305, 23” X 29"

Rated Speed 15,000 SPH

Computerized  Controlled Inking  C.C.I.

E.P.S. Electronic Plate Scanner

Preloading System 

29”, Five Color, Perfecting Offset Printing

Perfector 3/2

Maximum Stock thickness 18 pt Paper/board

Minimum Sheet size: 12.5 x 19

Maximum Print image 23 3/4 x 29 1/8 "

Comes with a PreLoading System with in the feeder

Elrosh IR Dryer in delivery


Call or email for pricing - open to offers being made.

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