Man Roland R706 -LV 3B Six Color +L Coater

Holland Graphic Equipment USA
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Product Description

Man Roland R706 LV  3B Six Color +L Coater Extended delivery. year   1998/99

Comes as fitted below.

RCI Press Console, Ink Remote, Control Comfort Consul Package, CCI Closed Loop Color Control Register, Anilox Coater, Roland Delta-matic Dampening Automatic Plate Changers, PPL Auto Roller /Blanket washer/Impression Cylinder washer, Antistatic Bar in Feeder, Non Stop feeder and Delivery.Electronic Sidelays, Technotrans Central Refridgerated Recirculator and Chiller System, Ink Tempature control, Grafix IR Dyer,Grafix Powder Spray.

Approx 190 million Impressions.

Well maintained running Quality Commercial Printing daily.

Very good running condition. Can run demo  and your print test.





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