Man Roland Rotoman Web 6 units

Holland Graphic Equipment USA
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Product Description

Year 2000 Man Roland Rotoman N Web 6 units

Cutoff 23 9/16 x 38, 6 print units , inline patern perf, Combination folder, 4  and 8 page cutting unit, Vits Sheeter, GMI closed loop color, WPC Register control, Hoist Vacuum System   to pick up press bundles with ease. Bundling system,

Press runs quality Four Color printing everyday. 

Folder is  Man Roland PFW-16/50 folder, Double parallel, Delta Chop, Man Roland 8 and 4 page module.

15 Contiweb Ecotherm 105 dryer with afterburner.

Semi Auto Plate Loaders

6 15.5 Chill Rollers 

VITS Sheeter

Max Image area 23 1/8 x 37 7/8

Chilling System may be shared




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