Presstek CTP Dimension 200 Platesetter - 19.68 x 20.87

Holland Graphic Equipment USA
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Product Description

Presstek Dimension 200 CTP Di Plate Setter Chemical-Free

RIP Included

Max Plate Size: 19.68 x 20.87  

Minimum Plate Size 9.45 x 9.45 and any size in between

1 Dell Windows 7 GUI That accepts a 1bit tiff

 1 AMS 300EP Filter system

 1 External Affinity Chiller

1 AB Dick SPP22-ST plain water processor.

This machine runs great!!! and is under a service contract with Presstek. It makes metal plates for a 3302 and Heidelberg SM52. Will also work with Sapphire Echo Plates.

Also comes with

“TWO” Extra 6 Pin Laser and Driver

Extra filters for the AMS unit

Extra External Affinity Chiller

Many other spare parts and all manuals and disk


Can be Seen Running in Florida

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